The Gohan Saga follows Teen Gohan after the events of the Cell Games. Bojack and his crew are the main villains, as Broly might make a surprize appeareance. 


It's been a year since his father's death and Gohan is trying to recover as best as possible, but with Goku gone, so was his passion for fighting, training days were over for him, as he focused solely on school, while his mom took care of his new brother Goten.

"I was born part-Saiyan, but, it's like that part of me doesn't even exist anymore. My strength has decreased, my appetite has decreased drastically, and my passion for battle has dramatically faded so far out of existence it's like it was never there to begin with. I'm sorry father, but I've failed you." Gohan said as he looked up to the sky, wondering if his deceased father could hear him. As tears had begun to fall from his eyes, he dropped to his knees and sobbed. Then, he stood, wiped his tears away, and punched a tree and made it shake. 

"Father!" He screamed.

"I'm sorry! It's my fault! If only I could've stopped Cell before all this, you could've been here with me." he continued, getting deeper into his rage.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" He screamed as he turned Super Saiyan.

"Enough is enough, I will continue to protect the world, for you father. It's only right. Your sacrifice will not be in vain." he continued. 

Meanwhile, a few kilometers away, at a familiar building, Capsule Corperation, a certain Saiyan prince was training in his gravity room when he felt the power up. 

"That was Kakarot's brat, I hope he's not thinking he can surpass me, I wont allow it!" Vegeta said to himself.

Elsewhere above the Earth, a Namekian stood. 

"That was Gohan, better go check on his progress." Piccolo said to Mr. Popo, as he left for the forest. He arrived to see multiple trees struck down in rapid succession. 

"Intriguing, but not enough!" Piccolo said descending from the sky. 

"Piccolo!" Gohan bowed, acknowledging his mentor.

"Why have you not used the next level, the Ascended Super Saiyan State?" Piccolo asked, aware of Gohan's true power.

"I have not mastered it yet, sir. I've been slacking." Gohan said, looking to the ground in shame.

"Indeed, perhaps you ready for the next step in your training." Piccolo implied. 

"I'll try my best." Gohan said, managing to make eye contact.

"Alright, but be prepared, this is nothing like the first time, we are both much stronger, and have experienced battling a monster so fierce, even Vegeta couldn't compete with." Piccolo stated.

"Okay I'm ready!" Gohan said, striking his fighting pose. Piccolo zapped Gohan's left arm paralyzing it temporarily.

"Ow, what was that for?" Gohan asked, shocked.

"Your power. The hidden power. It was not released last time until you were at a strong disadvantage, a handicap. When you were considered the underdog, that's when your power peaked. That's when your underdog status, coupled with the rage emitted from witnessing your fathar's muder/vain sacrifice in front of your eyes, allowed you to surpass every limit thought possible. Now, I'm going to attempt to duplicate that. The pain and sorrow is a weapon boy, and I'm going to teach you how to use it." Piccolo said, as he walked up to Gohan and put his hand on his head to probe his mind (a technique gained by the fusion with Kami). Piccolo entered Gohan's mind and displayed images to Gohan, both imaginary, and real flashbacks, such as Cell killing Chichi, and himself killing both Goku and Raditz with the Special Beam Canon, as well as the most recent, Cell self-destructing, leaving Goku dead and Cell alive.

"Get OUT OF MY HEAD!" Gohan screamed, escaping his trans and tossing Piccolo across the terrain. 

"How dare you?! I thought you were my FRIEND!" Gohan said, turning Super Saiyan.

"Nooooooooooo!" Gohan continued to power up. 

"You monster!" Gohan's voice got deep, as he began to settle down, his hair as straight up as ever, with lightning crackling around him. Gohan landed. 

"That's enough Piccolo." Gohan said in a serious manner. Gohan jetted toward Piccolo, and before he had time to react he was sent across the field from a devastating blow to the ribs by Gohan's kick. 

"No more games!" Gohan said, getting angry, as he flew up to Piccolo, and grabbed him by the neck. He held him up in the air by his neck with one hand, as he prepared his fist with the other. As he was just about to strike though, he felt a familiar presence from behind. He released Piccolo, who then fell to the ground, exasperated, trying to catch his breath, Gohan turned around to see Vegeta standing on a nearby cliff.

"Well well well, the brat's dormant power was brought out again huh? Along with his Saiyan nature. Brutal violence." Vegeta said with a grin.

"No Vegeta. I'm not like you, I'll never be like you!" Gohan exclaimed.

"Not with the brutal display of power you've just demonstrated. Nearly killing your closest companion, I'll tell you kid, you're more of a Saiyan then your clown of a father was." Vegeta said, antagonizing Gohan.

"Don't insult my father." Gohan said seriously.

"Oh you mean the trash heap Kakarot, who was so weak he had to leave his son to finish his battle?" Vegeta asked sarcastically, attempting to piss Gohan off.

"Vegeta, how dare you?" Gohan said as he launched a quick kick to Vegeta's face. Vegeta just grabbed his foot and threw him back on the ground next to Piccolo.

"You see brat, you're not the only one who has ascended. I hope the Namekian's conscious enough to witness this as well, because you are about to witness, the true power of a Super Saiyan!" Vegeta screamed as he began to power up. The entire surrounding terrain around Vegeta, Piccolo, and Gohan was begining to crumble as Vegeta continued to power up. 

"Now, you should feel honored, you're the first ones to witness such power." Vegeta said, descending to the ground with lightning surrounding him. 

The Battle of the Ascended Super SaiyansEdit

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